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Exhaust CD391 – MST Russia

Exhaust CD391

Parameter Value
dimension (mm) 3960x1210x1320
weight (kg) 320
capacity (pcs.) 12
series qty (pcs.) 48

Exhaust CD391

LLC Ford Sollers Holding

Ford Mondeo III

Exhaust system CD 391

Transportation and storage of automotive exhaust system parts, model CD391

Customized metal rack equipped with HDPE supports and special transportation lock


  • stackable
  • high pack density
  • manipulation from 4 sides
  • special transport safety lock
  • fork lift guides
  • special part protection

Project description

MST was commissioned to analyze, develop and manufacture the best logistic solution to supply exhaust system parts from the manufacturer to the assembly line.
The focus is to achieve the highest pack density in the tightest space, to develop a special safety lock to fix the goods in proper way during handling and transportation. Easy handling during loading/unloading, stackable and handling from all sides goes without saying.
Based on the technical requirements it was created a 3D-CAD model to analyze the best durable packaging solution. Internal FEM calculations allowed us to develop and manufacture a reliable rack with high pack density.
Manufactured was a prototype for transport and handling trials, based on the CAD development. After internal positive tests, the prototype was released to the customer for their approval.
Small objections from the prototype trials were considered and implemented in the series manufacturing.

Planned Actual
CAD development 2 weeks 2 weeks
PT manufacturing 4 weeks 3 weeks
PT loops 1 1
Series manufacturing 6 weeks 4 weeks
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